Dare to be different

Social conformity is a difficult subject matter. I was always one to follow the herd. I never liked the feeling like an outsider. I wanted to be part of the big events. I wanted everyone to love me. Now, I understand that you can’t make others love you. Even if you follow all the trends, there will always be someone who won’t like you. That’s a fact. The challenge here is to accept that fact and still love yourself.

The problem is that social norms are everywhere. You have to be very strong to break free of them. I’m just like everyone else. I have opinions but they never have as strong an impact as the pressure of social conformity. When I express them to the world, I can feel judgment on every face. I feel the pressure of my parents, of my friends, of the world. I need to have good grades to succeed in life. I have to be environmentally friendly but not too much. I have to volunteer, to play sports, to raise a family but also work hard and succeed. That is a lot to live up to. That makes it tough to be who you really are. Every day becomes a battle with yourself if you want to rise above this non sense.


6 thoughts on “Dare to be different

  1. In your article, you resumed perfectly, I think, one of the most problematic situations in today’s society. Indeed, social norms are way too important and, sometimes, present everywhere. Even if some sociologists would discuss that, your point of view is for me the one that clarifies the most the problem.

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  2. Personally, I strongly believe that you are not a girl who goes with the flow at all! I love your original style with your Docs and your mom jeans, You have the right to think like the others sometimes, that is how we build connections and I feel that I have one with you so don’t stop being the smily girl that I have come to know. 🙂

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