Maybe, I define my name.

Marie. No matter where you go, for everyone, Marie is related to the biblical figure. So, when you have Marie as a name, you’re expected to be a saint. If you’re not like this, you don’t wear the name properly. The thing is, I hate having to live up to that expectation. I have the right, just as everybody does, to make mistakes and to rebel if I want to. I’m pretty sure the mother of Jesus wasn’t perfect neither. So, why should I be.

My mother has told me she chose the name Marie because she told herself « She is going to travel the world. And when she does, everywhere she’ll go, every single person she meets will be able to recognise it. Marie is a name that has travelled through time. It never gets old and she will be forever my little girl. »

Just like she thought, I want to travel the world. I don’t want to travel because she expects me to do so, but simply because I want to. I am the only one aloud to have a say on the actions I choose to define me. I want to leave a trace of my existence, but I want to do so as the person I choose to be. I also want to be remembered as someone good, caring, welcoming and open minded. Maybe my name defines me. Or, maybe, just maybe, I define my name.


4 thoughts on “Maybe, I define my name.

  1. Marie, words that came in my mind when I read your story are: Perfectly imperfect. I think that describes you perfectly. I like the way that you said that we can be perfect will our imperfections. It is true that Marie is a name that will never get old and this is your strength. I really hope that you will have the opportunity to see all what the world has to offer to you (with the Grand Cayon) :).

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