Love. Love is the greatest feeling in the whole wide world. I think everyone should fall in love at least once in their life. Some of us will be luckier than others. They will fall for someone in their neighbourhood. Maybe they will even start a family with that person. But, a small part of us won’t find true love within a relationship. We will have to travel the world and fall in love with a new culture, a different vision of the world. The truth is. We can find love everywhere and anywhere. But, we don’t all have the money to go everywhere. But was if the notion of “everywhere” is the key to our true soul mate? This is when online dating becomes interesting. Even if I think that social media controls our lives, I also think online dating is a great invention. Space shouldn’t be a barrier between two people who are meant to ben together. Your true love has always existed. Now, you has the chance to be helped by electronics. So if you are truly seeking love, there are no more excuses. Go out and find it.


3 thoughts on “L O V E

  1. WOW!!!!! Love it, I think the same way. Our true soulmate is somewhere in the world, I hope that I can find it someday. If money wasn’t a limit I will go everywhere and maybe meet someone. But like you said, now that we have social media it is easier to meet people!
    Continue your blogs,
    Amber El Hamburger

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  2. Hi Marie,
    I really like the way you’re talking about love. I think love is essential and we all need love in our life. I’m sure your soulmate is somewhere in this world and you will find it in your lifetime!
    Love, Sarah

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