xoxo-Gossip girl

Gossip… The thing we all want to know and want to spread but not to be apart of. The thing that seems so harmless but can destroy a reputation in the blink of an eye. Did you hear about Sarah and Jake? Did you see what Catherine’s brother’s ex-girlfriend posted on Facebook last night? The real question is; why do we care that much about stuff concerning people’s private lives? Why is it that we find it so captivating? Sometimes, we don’t even personally know the people we are gossiping about. For instance, celebrities are victims of a whole industry of gossiping: magazines, TV shows, etc. We pay for someone to destroy a stranger’s integrity. It’s insane! The worst part is that, most of the time, gossip is only a bunch of facts that have been exaggerated, changed and amplified. It is not true, so why do we find it so exciting? Maybe it’s because it makes us feel good about ourselves to talk about other people’s bad experiences, or because we think we’ll have more social value when coming up to our friends with a « juicy story ». Maybe we do it to simply fill the awkward silences in our conversations. Either way, in my opinion, nothing good ever comes out of spreading rumours. It doesn’t help anybody and it can be very harmful. Next time you’re going to tell your best friend what you heard at a party last Friday, think about what good it will do. I can assure you right now; you won’t find it very quickly.


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